Conducting an Effective Cyber Activism Campaign

The Cyber Whale Warriors DailyTarget Your Audience. Let’s assume that you have an issue in your own town, city or county and you have started a petition. You will want to alert the locals and get them involved. While you would like for the whole world to sign your petition, most campaigns have a geographical focal point. Besides, a few hundred locals can have more influence than a few thousand signatures globally. People don’t like trash in their own back yard and neither can they ignore it.

Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter you would start in the same fashion. In fact, you should have an account with both of them if you really want to have a significant impact.

  1. Find the Chamber of Commerce
  2. List everyone nearby whom your chamber follows

It sounds simple but can be a long and tedious process. I can assure you, however, that it will pay off in the end.

On Facebook you can find many locals by starting with the chamber and then branching out. You may want to find companies, businesses and organisations that are relevant to your cause. Examples: Local Humane Society, Recycling services, churches, etc. For each one you find, you will find many more followers.

It would be best if you start a page that pertains to your cause. Engage in conversation with others on various pages in hopes that they will eventually come to your page and sign your petition. You could, of course, just post your petition and run but you will eventually get your hand slapped by Facebook and you may even get banned. That’s why I recommend you use Twitter as your primary tool. You will reach more people and you will also have less work to do in Twitter world.

Once you have compiled a list of at least 200 members on Twitter, go to and start your own local publication. It’s free, easy and fun. Name your new online newspaper and get it ready for publishing by going to the Content section.

What you should include:

  • Your Twitter list
  • Local hashtags — If you live in Dallas, one of the tags would be #Dallas
  • rss feed to your blog

For starters, schedule the paper to be published once a day. Also, make certain that the promotion feature is active. which will enable to tweet your paper out every time it hits the web.

One of the really cool features of your new online newspaper is that it will automatically mention some of the top contributors. People in your list, who share links, will appear in your paper along with the link they shared. They will be appreciative for being included in your digital media and will usually thank you. You will also gain many readers and subscribers.

Promote your paper on your blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Google plus and everywhere else you can. I also go to my own papers occasionally and address people whom where not mentioned in the initial post. For example: @WorldSeaParks featured in The Cyber Whale Warriors Daily

After a couple of weeks, your paper will be gaining popularity but you should never stop adding people to its list. Pay attention to those who ReTweet local issues and those who follow the local businesses. Check their profile to see if it gives their location. Add them to your list. The more people who are included in your list, the more readers and subscribers you will have.

You should also watch the tweets in your list. You may find a special hashtag. One example of this is that Cincinnati uses the #Cincy tag. Seaworld San Antonio and their followers used to use the #SWSA tag until I infiltrated it with anti-captivity links. Oops! We are the ninety-nine percent; therefore, this is our internet. We are the media and unethical establishments such as Seaworld, Miami Seaquarium, Marineland and Georgia Aquarium are not allowed to have their own hashtags because we will not tolerate it. If they attempt to utilize one we will gladly take it away from them after we have slapped their hands with a little cyber activism.

Now that your paper is doing well, you can drop an article into it whenever you like. By using the “+” button, you can schedule any link, picture, video and/or petition to appear in the very next publication. You may say, “Hey! I need this done now and I want everyone in the world to sign it!” Well, just imagine how easy it would be if you already had all of this set up. Better yet, imagine how convenient it would be if you were part of an activist group wherein there was a paper for every town, city, state and issue. That is exactly why I created and Cyber Whale Warriors on Facebook.

Get your paper going and submit it here in the comments below or on my Facebook page. If it is for a good cause, I will post it and share it. You should also make sure to hang out on my Facebook page because that’s where we will congregate for discussion and brainstorming.

It is important that we have a local paper in every town, city and/or county. You must take on this responsibility and appoint yourself the people’s media for your area. In time, we will be more effective than the mainstream media. We will be the official media.

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