Dolphin Lovers! Call to Action « KarmaCulture

Sometimes we make changes to our lives and never really understand their full impact until an outside event shakes us into a realization of how deep our convictions have gone.  This week I had two such events that shook me, one was little — I forgot I am vegan for a second when I saw an ad for Philadelphia Chocolate Cream  Cheese, but recovered rather quickly.  The second was entirely more significant.

Part of my paternal family comes from a Mediterranean town in Turkey called Kaş.  This is where I go most summers to recharge and re-evaluate everything that happens during the year.  It is a place of family, relaxation, fun, it is a sanctuary.  It is also a community that relies heavily on tourism for income.  And unfortunately the local government’s efforts to boost their tourism revenue has recently rendered this beautiful location a torturous hell for four innocent creatures.

This week, it was announced by a German nature conservation group that the Kaş government is keeping four dolphins captive in a cage in local cove– having snuck them in from Bodrum in a vegetable truck — to facilitate something called dolphin therapy for children suffering from anxiety. Read More via Dolphin Lovers! Call to Action « KarmaCulture.