Sea Shepherd – Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks

The first campaign I saw on Whale Wars!If your mate talks negatively behind your back, he or she may also be likely to take the stand against you in a court of law. It’s a question of loyalty, trust, integrity and even self-respect. Not only are they doing something sneaky by berating you when you are not around, they are making themselves look like an insecure and confused gossiping bitty. One can only wonder, if they have nothing good to say about you then why are they with you at all?

Supporting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is no casual engagement. They are the real action heroes of the seas. They are the guardians of the oceans and they may very well be the saviors of the Earth. Only time will tell. Nevertheless, I consider my relationship with them to be just that — a relationship. Loyalty, trust and respect are key elements in maintaining a position of support and I can assure you that I hold Neptune’s Navy in the highest regard.

I am not bound in any way to praise Sea Shepherd. It is not expected of me and I am not playing any role here. I am in no way officially or unofficially tied to the organisation and therefore deem them as prestigious by my own volition. As a supporter of SSCS, however, I mean to actually support them. Just as in any relationship where one should be supporting another, it only makes sense to be supportive. Otherwise, it’s just a word and I would be a disloyal hypocrite.

I haven’t been on any SSCS campaigns, although I hope to have the privilege some day. I’m not really sure what is expected of the crew during a mission except for what is obvious. As a member of the team, one would do the best job possible and conduct his or herself in a manner that reflects the integrity of the captain and crew. In other words, be supportive.

I saw a video a long time ago that has stuck with me till this very day. I have reflected on it from time to time and I am very glad that I was able to find it again. It is the finest display of loyalty that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I was thrilled to hear that the star of this little video was promoted to captain. He truly deserves it. He’s one of my heroes and he will be yours as well, after viewing this. That is, if he isn’t already.

I am very honored to present to you, Peter Hammarstedt in Sea Shepherd – Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks.

Captain Hammarstedt, I hope to shake your hand one day!