Cyber Whale Warrior: Utilizing the internet to captivate audiences

The Cyber Whale Warriors DailyBefore I found Cyber Whale Warrior I wasn’t doing much to aid in the fight against inhumane dolphin slaughtering, whaling and of course the wrongful capture of wild marine mammals. The past year I have felt a great need to do something, anything at all to help. With two small children under the age of five I was told by many that there really wasn’t anything I could do at all. Because of this I decided that wearing my Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian t-shirt anytime I left my house was probably the best thing I could do. I also thought that talking to my peers about “The Cove” movie, “Whale Wars” and even “Sharkwater” was another easy way to make a change. Boy was I wrong.

Becoming a Cyber Whale warrior has literally changed the way I use the internet. I use twitter daily for a variety of reasons (before becoming involved I didn’t even bother with it). Twitter is one of the best resources we have to captivate a large audience. The use of hash tags has a phenomenal way to reach millions of people with one simple click of a button (you can learn more about this here). The easiest way for you to get more involved is, in fact, to use twitter. Posting articles related to our cause, followed by simple hash tags will reach more people than you’ll ever imagine. Also starting an online newspaper, with a twitter list, has been proven to help our cause immensely (more here). I honestly think we have a decent fighting chance to save the marine mammals sitting at home and using the internet. As Cyber Whale Warriors we can reach people, educate them and encourage them to become involved too. The more voices that speak up, the louder our campaign becomes.

I urge anyone, in any situation and walk of life, to use the resources you have sitting directly in front of you. Create a twitter, Facebook and a blog to get involved. My journey into online activism only started very recently, but I’ve already met so many passionate, kind and caring people. I am encouraged daily to stand up for what I believe in. It’s extremely encouraging and absolutely mind-blowing that I am surrounded by like-minded people all fighting for the same thing. Being a Cyber Whale Warrior has transformed my entire life. I learn something new every day regarding the ways we can stop the disgraceful killings of Dolphins and Whales globally. I am given resources, often, to educate those around me. I couldn’t think of anything better I’d like to do with my time right now than to reach the masses, teach them about these wrong-doings and make a major change. So what are you waiting for? Get involved and take action now!