Food of The Emperors #paulwatson #seashepherd

They say all publicity is good publicity and Captain Paul Watson, founder of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society knows and understands perfectly well how all publicity helps our mutual conservation goals.

It was literally only this sunday when I was saying the same thing to a Vegan Restaurant owner. She felt concerned how a local paper had singled her quotes from other restaurant owners in her area and utilised photographs of her establishment. I spent some time reassuring her how all publicity is good and indeed there will be controversy and fear of criticism. All this is good for her cause of promoting a vegan lifestyle.

So, when I returned home, and checked my emails, I learned that Captain Paul Watson had been arrested at Frankfurt Airport. The German police have said that the warrant for Captain Watson’s arrest is in response to an alleged violation of ships traffic in Costa Rica  which occurred during the filming of Sharkwater in 2002.

It is my understanding that Captain Watson is being looked after well by the German Authorities, the police apparently watch “Whale Warson Animal Planet, and are indeed just following procedure. Obviously, Sea Shepherd supporters around the globe have mobilised. I would recommend that you keep an eye on  for the latest official updates.

Photo Credit – Frances – Sea Shepherd Volunteer and Dam Guardian

I should imagine Paul Watson is lying in his cell right now wondering what media exposure, what publicity has his arrest caused? Certainly, it has raised much awareness about the award-winning film by Rob Stewart – Sharkwater.

I first watched Sharkwater last year, and I speak about the film regularly. Like many, I misunderstood sharks, I thought they were dangerous, influenced by inaccurate block buster movies. The facts are completely the reverse. Prompted by todays events, I have just watched the film again.

Sharks have been around for 4oo million years, that is 150 million years before dinosaurs, back then Planet Earth only had two continents. It is only now, thanks to over egotistical  money grabbing apes (humans) that the sharks are endangered, indeed it is estimated that we humans have decimated 90% of the shark population.

Whilst sharks only kill 5 humans a year, we manage to kill 100 million sharks a year. The sharks are killed or mutilated for their fins. Shark fins are worth $200/lb and this multi million dollar industry in only second to the drug smuggling industry.

Shark fins have no taste and yet are marketed and sold as “The Food of The Emperors”. Some would have you believe that Sharks never get sick, never have or die of cancer, and so their flesh has magical healing properties. Sharks do have cancer, and just like other sea creatures, thanks to our contamination of the worlds oceans, now have high levels of PCBs and mercury, in other words, eating shark fins is actually DETRIMENTAL to your health.

I can continue with the facts, however I feel you need to watch the film “Sharkwater”. The documentary is informative and in true Sea Shepherd style, there is the usual interception of illegal fishermen, water canons, and officials acting like they do not understand the fishing laws.

The most memorable quote I can offer from the film is this one from Paul Watson, Captain of Sea Shepherd vessel The Ocean Warrior,”I don’t like a group of guys with machine guns asking to come on board”.

You can download the movie and learn more from