Save One Life, Save Thousands S.O.S. #FreePaulWatson

Save One Life, Save Thousands – That is how I started my subject box for the latest email I have sent to the German Minister of  Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger with a copy to Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Guido Westerwelle.

My initial plan was to mention all the Non Human lives that have been saved and all those that will be saved thanks to the leadership of our Skipper – Captain Paul Watson. However the email may have gone of on a different direction, but I have sent it.

We know our Skipper is due to be released on bail today and that there will be a press conference at 1pm. Sea Shepherd has asked for all of it’s supporters to continue with the campaign of emails to the two most important people in the fate of Captain Paul Watson. There is also a major ALL HANDS ON DECK campaign this Wednesday the 23rd of May. Sea Shepherd News!

I thought you would like me to share my latest email to two German Ministers that the world is currently watching very closely!




Subject: Save One Life, Save Thousands, Please help Captain Paul Watson

Dear Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger,
I am emailing you today regarding Captain Paul Watson from  The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Whilst it appears that things are moving forward I am extremely concerned for Paul Watson’s safety.
I understand that in an extraordinary move by the German Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt, the court has granted the general public prosecutor’s request for Captain Paul Watson’s preliminary arrest for extradition to Costa Rica. 
The court has also granted bail for Captain Paul Watson during the time the court considers whatever documentation Costa Rica is able to provide to substantiate their bogus allegations against Captain Paul Watson.
In a press release, received towards the end of business hours on Friday the 18th of May, the Higher Regional Court stated that “the question of whether or not Mr. Paul Watson will be extradited is not ultimately a decision by the Higher Regional Court but by the executive body which is the Ministry of Justice”.
I have three main concerns that I would like you to consider;

  1. The arrest warrant that has been issued by the authorities in Costa Rica in November 2011 is politically motivated!
  2. Captain Paul Watson will not receive a fair trial in Costa Rica, there is too much corruption to ensure due process!
  3. Mr Watson’s will be at risk of harm and possible murder whilst awaiting trial in Costa Rica, the authorities will not be able to guarantee his safety, indeed there has been a BOUNTY on MR Watson’s head of $20,000.00.. for years by The Taiwanese Shark Mafia.

I would like to ask, have you watched the award-winning film “SHARKWATER“?
Here is a link to the trailer for you to enjoy Sharkwater YOU TUBE Trailer in German
I also thought you may like a link to a recent article in The Costa Rica Star – Vice Chancellor of Costa Rica meets Tico supporters of Paul Watson. One quote that stands out is from  Mr. Arturo Carballo,
“For us it a shame to punish those who protect our natural resources. We want to raise awareness about Watson’s case and tell the world of the corruption and mafia activities surrounding the environmental discourse and imposing themselves on political decisions, and to also issue a call for help due to the corruption present on the ecological realm.”

Please can you give the case of Captain Paul Watson you careful consideration, and can I once again thank you for spending  your valuable time reading this email.

Yours sincerely,


You can either compose your email or copy and paste mine. I would ask whilst it is imperative that you all continue your consistent persistent campaigns also to continue to email, telephone and write to the two currently most influential individuals in Captain Watson’s life.