S.O.S. Federation Starship Steve Irwin

I watched a video today with an interview with Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Hammarstedt and yes, it inspired the trekkie in me.

If you are swimming underwater and you look at the stars and you are an intelligent life form, then you will be pleased to see the Steve Irwin floating magically above you protecting you from aggressors from what seems to be another world with their Borg like prowess.

Even better. If Atlantis had not already returned to New York (Earth) from the Pegasus Galaxy, then this chapter in Paul Watson’s life could be a great story line. The question is who would you suggest would be The Wraith and who would be The Replicators?

The good news is our Captain Paul Watson is out on bail, free to remain in Germany. He assures us all that the campaigns will continue. The Steve Irwin will go where no Government ship will go.

We need to continue with our emails to the two Ministers in Germany that ultimately can decide whether Captain Watson is deported – sabine.leutheusser-schnarrenberger@bundestag.de  and guido.westerwelle@bundestag.de.

I have therefore copied my latest email;

Subject: The Art of Politics and Conservation.

Dear Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger,

I am writing to you concerning Captain Paul Watson from The Sea shepherd Conservation Society.

I have to state I am curious and even intrigued.

Paul Watson, I understand is out on bail and confined to a house in Germany awaiting the outcome of legal proceedings that will determine if he will be extradited to Costa Rica.

Political Agenda – It appears obviously clear to me and I have read and watched numerous articles that state the same thing. The arrest warrant that was issued by Costa Rica in 2011 relating to a navigation violation has been and is politically motivated. Many industries including the Shark Fin Industry, the Whale and Dolphin Industries and their supportive infrastructures will benefit exponentially by the removal of Captain Paul Watson from the oceans and it will send a clear message that international nature and conservation regulations are not respected or enforced.

Indeed, it seems that Costa Rica prides itself on its record of conservation and yet there is an illegal billion dollar Shark Fin industry operating within its own borders. It seems strange that Costa Rica can resurrect and pursue a navigation violation against Captain Paul Watson with such vigour and yet it is Paul Watson they need most to help save their sharks from the hunters and butchers.

Curious and Grateful – I am curious why this matter is taking some time to resolve. I am not that concerned how the arrest of Paul Watson took place. It may have been an official following their rules and procedures. I am curious why the obvious fact of political reasons for the issue of the arrest warrant has not been publicly recognised at this time. Maybe, there is an advantage. I would like to think that Germany would hold conservation of our oceans and marine life as a priority. I should imagine if it was a scientific challenge and not a law enforcement issue, Germany would be a market leader in saving our planet. I do know that tens of millions of sharks are butchered every year illegally for their fins and now I am grateful that the arrest of Paul Watson has raised awareness of the shark fin industry and the film Sharkwater“. Many are now watching the film for the first time.

Please can I ask you to prevent the extradition order. It is obvious that it is politically motivated, Captain Paul Watson would not receive a fair trial in Costa Rica and his life would be in danger. 100 Million Sharks are killed every year. Can I ask you to visit the Shark Campaign Page of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. You will see the challenge the sharks, and our planet currently faces.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this email,

Yours sincerely,


Please feel free to copy and paste!