John Paul DeJoria Offers to Take Paul Watson’s Place in Jail

A special message from John Paul DeJoria

Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Mitchell Systems

Yet another celebrity steps up for our oceans and the planet. This is incredible! I almost want to thank whomever is behind the whole fiasco to arrest Captain Paul Watson. They have inadvertently caused a storm of awareness to tear through the population of the world.

We usually think of evil people, who want to destroy the world, as highly intelligent madmen. Fortunately, that is obviously not the case here. Those who would decimate our oceans for profit are the equivalent of the three stooges of an unholy trinity. Like the very sharks that they would torture, their every effort to fight Neptune’s Navy comes back to bite them in the ass.

With all the publicity that they have created, it would not surprise me one bit it there will be a movie about Captain Paul Watson’s arrest and the events that follow. My big question would be, “Who will play the villains?” Will one of them be Gilbert Gottfried? How about Pauley Shore, Paul Reubens or Danny DeVito? In any case, I can’t wait! I’m even excited about seeing the trailer. Hmm. I wonder if Peter Jay Brown is writing the script now.