This is About Protecting Our Oceans!

If you have been following the arrest and subsequent release on bail of Captain Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd then you will know that today there was an  International protest. Sea Shepherd supporters made their way to their German Embassies and Consulates to demonstrate their resolve in requesting  Germany to Save Our Skipper.

Sea Shepherd supporters and volunteers outside the German Consulate in Edinburgh

That is me on the right wearing a Sea Shepherd cap on this hot day in Scotland. In true Sea Shepherd tradition I witnessed a peaceful respectful protest.

The local police officers were really accommodating and the German Embassy staff were friendly. The staff was aware that we were there in support of Captain Paul Watson who had been arrested in Frankfurt, Germany on an arrest warrant issued in November 2011 relating to a vessel navigation violation in 2002. Captain Watson currently faces extradition to Costa Rica. Germany  has the authority to Save Our Skipper from extradition on Political Grounds. 

One staff member had said,”That is what we are here for”, and another Embassy staff member said,”In Scotland, even the protesters are Nice.” 

Today, Sea Shepherd supporters around the globe were truly united focussing on Berlin and Frankfurt. Hot of the virtual press is the latest news update from our one and only Captain Paul Watson;

A Call From Berlin To Defend Our Oceans!

Interestingly enough, it seems Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd have been in contact with the authorities in Costa Rica and there may be a solution especially for the Sharks that need our skippers help. It has been suggested that Paul Watson returns to Costa Rica voluntarily to answer the charges made against him and at the same time restart joint programs between Sea Shepherd and the Costa Rican government that were suspended a decade ago. 

Will Sea Shepherd’s Watson strike a deal to face Costa Rica charges?

Lucky for me, a kind supporter has uploaded a video of our skipper talking today at what I can only assume is the gathering in Berlin with 400 Sea Shepherds;

Today has been a good day for the Sharks, for the Whales, for the Dolphins, FOR THE OCEANS!