Let’s up the hype for “Death at Seaworld” Book release!

Now is your chance to learn as much as possible about SeaWorld through the release of this book. It already has some great reviews floating around. I am personally eagerly awaiting its release.

So here’s the deal. Share how excited you are about Death at Seaworld on your facebook, twitter and other social media. Use the hashtag #DASW and also hashtag #SeaWorld. This may grab the attention of SeaWorld visitors. The more people who read this book the better! So let’s get this going and see how many people we can attract to read this book.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon right now. They even have a Kindle-version you can pre-order to be sent directly to your device once it’s released. The same goes for the Nook. If you cannot afford the book, perhaps comment here and we can figure out a system to send each other copies of the book to borrow!

What are you waiting? Let’s get this going and share with the world that Marine mammals belong in the wild, not for our entertainment!