Quiltfest on Camp Snapperfest

Budweiser Supports Snapperfest

It’s that time again when Camp Shore Campgrounds is planning for their annual turtle torture event, Snapperfest. We at Cyber Whale Warriors decided that a petition was in order. It didn’t take long for one of the targets to snap an email to us.

Last year, we pleaded with Camp Snapperfest to cancel the event. Well, it’s obvious that we were dealing with the wrong people. This year we have decided to petition those who advertise for Camp WannaTorture. Quiltfest of Rising Sun had something to say about that. Following is the email that we received:

we are not a political organization and do not take a position one way or the other on snapperfest. Please remove our email from your mailing list immediately. You are making no friends for your cause by inundating our mailbox with hundreds of identical emails.
Thank you.

Rising Sun

We responded:

Greetings QuiltFest of Rising Sun,

Thank you kindly for responding to our petition.

You said: “we are not a political organization”

That is quite obvious and we commend you for your response because the politicians simply don’t have the courage to make a statement on this issue.

You said: “[We] do not take a position one way or the other on snapperfest”

Wonderful! Then you certainly wouldn’t mind removing the advert for Camp Snapperfest from your website at http://www.risingsunquiltfest.com/lodging

You said: “Please remove our email from your mailing list immediately.”

We would be happy to, as soon as you remove your endorsement for Camp Shore Campgrounds from the Lodging section of your website.

You said: “You are making no friends for your cause by inundating our mailbox with hundreds of identical emails.”

Friends? Nor are you making friends but you are becoming world-famous for your association with an establishment that practices animal cruelty with children present.

Identical emails? We will gladly alter the wording of the petition letter, slightly, when 5,000 signatures are reached.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Thank you in advance for visiting our website!

 The godly care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel. ~ Proverbs 12:10 NLT

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