A Child is in Trouble and All Alone

Your daughter has gone on a sailing trip with family members. They happen to pass too close to a communist country that has just broke out into a civil war. The vessel is seized and your beloved child is taken as a political prisoner, along with her relatives.

Years pass as you do all you can to obtain her freedom. The only consolation is that she has been in the same prison cell with a family member. At least she is not alone. Thousands are behind you in your mission to see her and your family members set free but big corporations and shady politics are a large obstacle.

Without warning, she is suddenly alone. Her cell mate has been relocated. Corporate millions and corrupt government could be a hurdle for some time and your child may be incarceration for years to come. What’s worse now is that she may be in solitary confinement for the duration of her indefinite sentence. What will you do? Will you plead with her captors to not leave her utterly alone or will you simply say, “Well, she shouldn’t be there in the first place so let her just stay in solitary confinement!”

If you have seen the petition, Shouka, the killer whale, needs a companion, going around the internet and you concluded that you should not sign it, then you have some soul-searching to do. If your basis for not supporting the petition is because the orca is not human, you could be guilty of speciesism. Any other reason would simply be for lack of empathy; thus, you do not love killer whales as much as you may have previously assumed you do.

Shouka The Killer Whale

Shouka The Killer Whale (Photo credit: ajnin_photography)

Before you take the time to contemplate your shortcomings, before you take a long look in the mirror, please sign the petition and get others to sign as well. Don’t just share it. Get the signatures!