My heart sank when I saw the kitten laying between the dumpsters. Poor baby! She lay there with one eye still open. Ants began to gather around her and fleas crawled through her fur. How had this happened? Was she hit by a car?

I had seen her before. She was a stray and there was no catching her. She probably never had any human contact in her short little life and I had not seen any others who could be her siblings or her mother. I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I couldn’t just leave her lying there. I drew closer. She was still breathing!

I reached for her but then hesitated. I didn’t know if she was injured and I didn’t want to make the situation worse. I looked around to see if anyone could help. No one was in sight. She was barely breathing and I had to do something fast. I gently took her into my hands. As I did, she let out a faint, “Meow.” I cradled her against my chest and made haste for a place I could tend to her. She didn’t appear to have any wounds but she was so skinny and frail. I had to wonder if she had ever eaten at all.

When I got to Jenni’s house, I sat with the kitten on the screened-in porch while Jenni fetched a medicine dropper and some soy milk. I started to feed her a few drops at a time while Jenni went to the store for more supplies. We were going to do all we could to save this poor lost soul.

While I was trying to save this little life yesterday, something else was happening. You’ve all seen the Cyber Whale Warriors logo. It’s quite a piece of art. Pilar Posada used her extraordinary talent to create it for me and it’s quite obvious that it is her handy work as her name is on it. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to use it. Someone told Pilar that I claimed the graphic was my creation. This of course upset Pilar and, despite having no proof, she seems to be inclined to take the word of the liars. That’s okay. I need to make my own logo for the site anyway. I actually have nothing showing that the image is my property and it still bears her name as it always has. Even when the truth comes out, there is no guarantee that something similar may happen again.

I don’t lie. I despise the concept because it is a cowardly trait. One usually lies because he or she doesn’t have the courage to face the consequences of telling the truth. People lie to hide things and be sneaky. They lie for their own personal gain. Personally, I see lying as a form of theft because it preys on a person’s trust and steals their confidence. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I don’t lie. They don’t have to ask me to swear or promise something and they don’t have to ask me twice. For years I have said that if there is one thing on my tombstone, I would hope that it is the word, “Honest.” It’s that important to me. So for those who would accuse me of lying, they have already proven themselves as liars to the people who know me best.

A few friends sent me messages telling me that someone was bashing me. One of them even sent me a link. I didn’t even bother to look at it. Why should I? I simply have better things to do. I really don’t see the sense in engaging is something negative when I can be doing something positive and fulfilling. Besides, while people are talking badly about me, they are leaving everyone else alone. So I really don’t mind one bit.

If you want to engage in gossip and drama, that is your prerogative and it’s completely legal too. If you want to do something positive, then sign petitions for good causes. Send people the link to The Cove PSA. Get someone involved with a Sea Shepherd campaign. It’s the good that we do in this world that matters and nothing is more personally gratifying than a completely selfless act.

After all, Pilar doesn’t really know me. How can she? We are merely Facebook friends. We never know who could be lurking in the corners of our cyber neighborhoods. Whalers and dolphin killers could very well infiltrate our ranks just to create chaos and disruption. If you see some gossip flying across your feed, I suggest that you just pay it no mind and keep a positive attitude. Keep spreading awareness for the cause. In time, the culprits will show themselves up. Just watch them and you will see that they will catch themselves in their own lies. They do what they do because it is in their nature and I do what I must because I want my children to live in a world that still has nature.

While the sticks and stones fly, reach out and touch a life. Leave a lasting impression on others that is positive and uplifting. Motivate others and get them on fire to help save our oceans and its inhabitants. Don’t let the bad guys get you down. Don’t let them have that much influence on your emotions and your thoughts.

While the lies were being told yesterday, I was busy. I just didn’t care to participate by listening to them and I did not feel the need to defend myself any more than I feel the need to defend myself for selling the Brooklyn bridge. That’s because I didn’t sell it and for someone to say that I did is just as ludicrous as any other lies they may tell.

For a few brief moments, the kitten purred. There was nothing we could do to save her but in her last few hours she knew that she was loved. Despite any pain or anguish she may have been in, despite how miserable she may have been, she purred! I did cry because I could not save her but I knew in my heart that my efforts were not in vain. That little baby cat felt love before she died.

I found the most beautiful box that I could. Sandi Sullivan, my sweet friend, sent me some things in that box. I was going to keep it forever but I wanted the kitty to have it. I didn’t want her put away in an ugly box and I wanted her to be in something special . . . that box was special to me.

I named her for the beautiful sound she made in the moment that she felt a little bit of happiness. Despite what anyone else may have done or said yesterday, I knew that I had made an impression on a precious little soul.

What impression have you had on someone lately? Being positive is not a mood; it is a choice. Do something positive for someone else right now! Do or say something to someone to lift their spirits and make them smile. You never know if it may be the last thing they ever experience.