Hello Friends!!! 🙂

My name is Cutty. 

I was born not so long ago, and my mum is the most beautiful being in

this world.  Every day, she is grooming me and making sure I eat well. 

There may be some food I do not like, yet my mum makes me eat it all. 

Although, it is not my favorite, mum wants me to eat it because she knows what diet I must have to grow up and be pretty and gorgeous as my mommy is.

After having a very tasty breakfast-heheheheh-, mum let’s me go playing with my friends. 

They are as old as I am, for our parents wanted to have babies that could play together.

It is pretty fun!! All our parents

lie down under the sun whilst we are playing. They pay such close attention

that they notice when we are going too far.


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