Hawk Rescue Update

Photo courtesy of Feather Land Rehab Center

The injured hawk will be up and running (or flying) in a few weeks thanks to the efforts of Feather Land Rehab Center. According to Anita de Villegas, the hawk’s rescuer:

“Hawky is doing fine! She [the hawk] eats with gusto an extra-large rat daily, having a broken wing she has to stay in confinement for at least four to six weeks, then she will be upgraded to a flight exercise and hopefully after two weeks there, if she demonstrates she can fly well enough to be able to hunt, she will be released and that will probably be done in the same area she came from.”

I can’t wait to see this beautiful young hawk once again soaring over my neighborhood. After all, she is one of our neighbors and a celebrity in out community.

View the Video at Hawk Rescue or Hawk de Rescate