Pay People to Watch The Cove PSA

The Cove movie changes lives. Getting people to watch the film, however, can be sometimes difficult. The next best thing is The Cove PSA (Public Service Announcement). With an all-star cast, the PSA is a real attention getter. If you can get someone to watch the first few seconds, you have them hooked! What if you could pay people to watch it? You can and I have done so on Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue is a social media platform that let’s people buy virtual stock in you. You can also buy stock in them to collect dividends or sell the stock at a later date. The virtual cash that you collect can then be used for missions. In these missions, you assign people a task and offer virtual credits as a reward. Anyone can take advantage of your mission. This means that you will be reaching people from all walks of life. Many of them have an online business that they are promoting. Some are authors, artists, webmasters, social media gurus or just people who want to share their stuff.

The more active you are online (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, etc.) the higher your stock value and the more virtual money you will accumulate. You can then launch your own missions to get people to watch The Cove PSA, go to your website, retweet a tweet or whatever you want to promote. On top of that, it’s just plain fun.

If you are even remotely active in the cyber world, I highly recommend Empire Avenue.