Get in Line to See Dolphins and Orcas

I had the pleasure, once again, to be on Joey Giggles’ online radio show. I like doing the show because people can hear my voice. Unlike written text, emotional connotations come through in audio. It’s so easy to misunderstand someone by merely reading their words rather then hearing the delivery from the source.

Here is a perfect example. At the very end of the show, I recommend that people go to Seaworld, Miami Seaquarium and other marine mammal circus parks. That’s right! I suggest you go there but not to protest, hand out fliers or even hold a sign. Why do I prompt you to go? Well, you will just have to listen to the show. Don’t say that you don’t have time. You can listen while you surf the web. Got kids? Break out the headphones!

You can also help promote this show now by spreading the gossip news. Tell everyone that I said they should take the whole family, get in their vehicles and go to the nearest Marineland, dophinarium or aquarium to stand in the ticket line! The naysayers will just love to hear that!

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