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The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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We have an amazing opportunity at the tips of our fingers… all of us! It is an opportunity we are confronted with every single day, literally every day… but we seldom take it. We have the opportunity to create a new world for future generations…but instead we choose to destroy the one we have now. What does that say about mankind?

“Jumping at several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along.”

Every day we are presented with situations and factors that give us opportunities to change the world, even in the smallest of ways. Small actions do not mean small significance… all the little things come together to form something big. That does not mean, however, that we always choose to take them… unfortunately I am not capable of saying I take every chance to help and change the world and be honest while saying it.

Even in just your ordinary trip to the grocery store, there are several different moments when you have the power to change the world, you just might not be noticing them! Here are some common situations…

When you arrive at the grocery store, where are you? In a parking lot. What is always in a parking lot? Trash. Trash that you can very quickly and easily pick up and put in the trash bin, or even a recycling bin! This was a perfect opportunity for you to create change! By the simple act of picking up a couple pieces of trash off the ground, you have played a small, but big, role in restoring the health of our planet!

Now, while I like to focus on changing the life of our animal friends around the Earth and the Earth itself, change is not only evident in this area.

When you walk into the grocery store, who do you see? People. What do people do to other people? Talk. Normally when you walk through a place, you do not talk to other people unless you have to. I am guilty of this, as well. But, I can also tell you from personal experience that just a subtle act of kindness from these people can make the rest of your day better. Happiness is contagious. You giving that person(s) a simple hello, smile, or holding the door open for them, picking up something they may have dropped, letting them in line ahead of you, or any common courtesies can start a chain reaction in that person.. and others around you! They see you doing these things, and it sorta gives them a push to do it as well! You are changing the world!

We’re about to get crazy. Lets put both of these scenarios together. You are at the grocery store, when you see some people in the same section as you… greet them and begin a conversation with them. Not just any conversation though, one about a topic of change, like recycling, the effects of using a water purifier/aluminum bottle instead of plastic water bottles, using reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags when you check out, buying reusable products, biodegradable products, the list could go on! You inform this person about all these things they never knew, and then they pass it on to their friends and so forth! Now you’re creating change by the bucket fulls.

Think back to my original question. We choose to destroy the world instead of create a new one… What does that say about mankind itself?

Opportunities to make the world a better place are essentially knocking on our door everyday, just waiting for us to take them and make something beautiful of them… whether or not we do, well, that is all up to you.

Reblogged from: Ocean Advocates United Planet Earth is a globe. It is the big blue world. We must save Earth. As seen from space, Earth is mostly water.