Japan Dolphins Day 2012 Shirts by @ecojoia Now Available

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There’s no better way to get people involved than to wear what you believe in. While wearing my Ecojoia “End It!” cap, a convenience store clerk asked me what I wanted to end. While wearing my Sea Shepherd shirt, a Whale Wars fan initiated a conversation wherein I was ultimately able to get him more involved with marine conservation issues and he was eager to watch The Cove. I could share multiple stories on how appropriate clothing can make a difference one person at a time.

September 1st is the beginning of the slaughter season in Taiji, Japan and there will be protests at Japanese embassies and consulates worldwide. If you can attend one of these rallies, do it in style with your Japan Dolphins Day shirt. If you are unable to participate in the event, please show your support by purchasing a shirt anyway.

What we do for the dolphins, we do for the planet. What we do for the planet, we do for our children and their children.

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