Cyber Whale Warriors: Call to Action #DASW

#1 Readers Poll Choice for Summer Books – Wall Street Journal Online
“A real-life scientific thriller.” – Barnes and Noble

There’s a new book in town — Death At SeaWorld by David Kirby — and it’s getting some great reviews. As Cyber Whale Warriors, it is imperative that we lend a hand in getting the word out on this extraordinary literary achievement.

The marine mammal captive industry is at the heart of all that is evil in this world. It is the prime example of greed over compassion disguised as an educational circus. It is the reason for the continued slaughters at The Cove in Taiji, Japan. It is a sheep in wolf’s clothing that continues to demoralize intelligent sentient beings. It desensitizes the public to the horrors of imprisonment. If the corporate monster Seaworld is overthrown, the world will start its transition to becoming a better place.

If you have a blog, reblog articles that praise Death At SeaWorld. On WordPress and Blogspot, that is as simple as using a “Press This” or “Reblog” button. You can do it manually by copying the first paragraph of a story and then including a link back to the source for your readers to follow.

If you are on Twitter, simply search for the Death At SeaWorld hashtag, #DASW, and retweet as much as you are able.

Buy the book! Buy two and donate one to a library.

Mainstream media is for the computer illiterate. That’s where we come in! We must flood the internet with the links that go back to this book or any references thereof.

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