Paul Watson for President (Write In Candidate)


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Captain Paul Watson has hundreds of thousands of supporters. If we all write him in at the polls, enough votes will be generated to get some media attention which, in turn, will raise awareness for the cause. He is not a US citizen and he is not running anyway. That’s not the point of this event. It is to raise awareness for Sea Shepherd.

President of the Environment

Image by Tom O’Brien

“I know Paul can’t be President & I know he’d never entertain the idea. Several great things can come out of this: maybe one of the current candidates will get onboard with the environment. So far neither have. Secondly, the media will get involved if this gets big enough. Japan believes SSCS will fall apart without Paul. Something large like this will show them they are wrong & maybe they’ll give up. Lastly, this will draw attention to SSCS & that’s important. I enjoy & appreciate all ideas. Please continue to speak out & please share with your friends.”

Lucy Robinson

Please consider joining . . .

Public Event · By Lucy Robinson
If you are not in the USA, you can still invite your friends. May I also suggest that you start an event in your own country to virtually nominate Captain Paul Watson as your leader. If you do, please let us know so that we can share the event. Visit us at Cyber Whale Warriors on Facebook.
"If the oceans die, we all die!" ~ Paul Watson