Pineapple Sea Cucumber

Fun Facts

Image: Courtesy of Tom O’Brien

By Tom O’Brien

Scientific Name: Thelenota ananas
Also known as: Prickly Redfish
Category: Sea Cucumbers
Size: 15 to 28 in. (38 to 72 cm)

Depth: 3-100 ft. (1-30 m)
Distribution: Indo-Pacific
Physical Characteristics:
They are literally shaped like a cucumber with a long, muscular, flexible body. They are a mouth at one end, and a anus at the other end. They have modified tube feet located around the mouth that are used for collecting food. They come in many sizes and can reach lengths up to two feet. They have leathery skin too. They also have one stretched gonad.

English: Thelenota ananas (Pineapple sea cucum...

English: Thelenota ananas (Pineapple sea cucumber) close-up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting Facts:
-They shoot their guts out at predators to escape.
-They have a random spawning period.
Pineapple sea cucumbers have been found to be all over the world. They are found on sea beds of sand. They are a lot of times found in coral reefs too. They tend to travel alone and mimic plants.