Captive cetacean attacks — How common are they?

Performing bottlenose dolphins - from left to ...

Performing bottlenose dolphins – from left to right Marble, Porter, Jensen, Starbuck, Baretta, and Clyde – and blue macaws at SeaWorld Orlando’s one of a kind show, “Blue Horizons”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Elizabeth Batt

Dec 7, 2012 
Much has been made in the media over the eight-year-old girl recently bitten by a dolphin participating in a feeding program at SeaWorld. But how common are cetacean attacks committed by mammals kept in captivity?

Whether they occur deliberately or incidentally, accidents between captive cetaceans and the humans who interact with them do happen. This past week, two of those events were featured prominently across global media platforms.The first involved eight-year-old Jillian Thomas who was feeding a dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando when it . . .

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