We are in the 47. It has begun.

The time will come when many of us will walk outside of our very doorsteps to see man-made satellites and debris before our very eyes. These objects will be close enough for us to make out the most subtle of details. The world will be in awe.

This event will not last long before the cosmic trash moves away from Earth to settle once again into the depths of space.

Those of us in the highest and lowest elevations may be utterly destroyed.

This event will occur within a 47 year range of anomalies. This age is soon to come and many of us will be here to witness it. I fear that I may be one of us to witness it myself. Shortly thereafter, I will die.

There was a time where I was afraid to share these things. I did not want to discredit the name of CyberWhaleWarrior.com or those who would contribute to it. I did, however, rely upon such simple things to engage others in the process.

Let me say this. I am a fool. I am no one. Do not think otherwise. I am a mere man who has seen things that could be nothing  but good.

And now I reluctantly move myself into the picture where I will accept an invitation to the Queen, but you will not know.