Rutger Hauer, Blind Furry and the Sixth Sense

Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer (Photo credit:

He almost seems to know where everything is located in my room, even me. Though I may move about, after petting him he will find me out and brush ever so slightly against me — being so subtle that only the very tips of his hairs tickle the hairs on my leg. He slowly explores every nook and crevice in this small space wherein I lay my head at night. If I were to give him a name, it would be Rutger, after my most favorite actor, Rutger Hauer.

In the movie, ‘Blind Fury,’ Rutger Hauer plays a man whose disability seems to give him a sixth sense. He appears to feel where every object and obstacle is located in his dark world. His hearing, olfactory and tactile senses are heightened almost beyond measure.

When I watch this darling cat navigate his surroundings, I am reminded of Rutger Hauer. If I had the choice to name him, I would bestow upon him such a name but it is not my place. That honor will be given to the precious hero who steps forth to give him a forever home.

Rutger Kitty’s home would have to be special. He would need a guardian that is very particular about their dwelling space. His human companion would have to someone who: always puts things back in the same place, never rearranges furniture, keeps a clean house and has very few visitors. You see, little Rutger literally has no eyes. He needs an environment that never changes so that he can become very familiar with his surroundings; thus, he can feel at home without a second thought of running into something. He needs a place where he can run and play and be confident that every object, every piece of furniture, his litter box, his water bowl and his bed are always in the same place. He needs a friend who pays close attention to their footing as they walk and always looks before they sit.

Precious RutgerMost of all, Rutger the cat needs somebody who will show him great affection, compassion and empathy. Rutger needs someone who loves him and loves to hear him purr.

I could keep Rutger if I wanted but then I would only be thinking of myself. Many of us may easily feel the need to reach out to someone like him. Most of us would gladly take him in and do our best to accommodate him but he needs a home that is not in transition so that he, himself, will never have to endure another transition.

If you are the one I described as an ideal keeper for Rutger or if you know someone who would be ideal, please contact us via the Contact page, email Monika Turner or call (352) 245-2020. Be sure to leave your phone number and know that any potential adopters will be thoroughly screened.

View videos of Rutger here

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