Sea Shepherd Announces 10th SOWS Campaign: “Operation Relentless”

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sea Shepherd Australia has just announced its 10th Antarctic Campaign: “Operation Relentless.” During their 9th Mission in the Southern Ocean, “Operation Zero Tolerance,” Sea Shepherd was overwhelmingly successful — an historic total of 932 whales were saved from Japan’s cruel, warhead-tipped harpoons. The death toll for whales murdered in the Southern Ocean was the lowest ever in Japan’s illegal whaling tenure in the SOWS — despite the fact that the whaling fleet was fortified with millions of dollars of Japanese Tsunami Aid. Japan’s Fisheries Minister directly named Sea Shepherd as responsible for the low number of whales stolen from the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd, ever vigilant, is once again devoted to saving the lives of as many whales as possible, with the ultimate goal being zero whales lost in the coming season. SSCS Australia’s Bob Brown and Jeff Hansen will lead the “Operation Relentless” Campaign.

In the world of direct-action activism, Sea Shepherd is unparalleled in excellence. SSCS enjoys the enthusiastic support of many thousands of people all over the world, who recognize Japan’s so-called “research” whaling program for what it is: the shameless rape and exploitation of the scientific study loophole in the IWC Moratorium.

Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) has insisted that their work is valid, despite a paucity of peer-reviewed publications, and a total of FOUR publications since its inception which actually required lethal research. Leading cetologists, biologists and oceanographers around the world almost unanimously contend that Japan’s ICR is a smokescreen, and that Japan’s so-called “research” is in direct, flagrant violation of the IWC Moratorium.

Sea Shepherd estimates to have saved in excess of 4,500 whales over the course of campaigns in the Southern Ocean, and looks forward to saving many more in the future. As long as Japanese poachers continue expeditions to the Southern Ocean to illegally murder whales, SSCS will be there, living their anthem: Defend. Conserve. Protect.