Florida Bound 01: Pain


“Abraham Lincoln: The 16th president, one of the greatest Americans, suffered from severe, incapacitating and occasionally suicidal depressions” ~ List Of Famous People With Mental Illness. How it affected them and their contribution to society.

Many of the names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent and the idiots.

Sarah almost always had a precious smile on her face. Her kind words were spoken with an angelic voice and her laugh was contagious. A dark cloud hung over her, however, when she reflected on her reasons for being in this mental health facility. She had been the only one left alive when she crawled to retrieve a radio from one of her fellow soldier’s body. She needed the device so that she could call for help.

Rico was a hit with the ladies. His suave demeanor and handsome smile effectively cloaked his pain. As his hometown village was raided, he had watched as his brother was killed before his very eyes.

Jonathan always had a good joke to share when he wasn’t cracking people up with his one-liners. No one would have guessed that it had been three years since his wife had taken her own life with an overdose.

Why was I here? The details seemed mundane in comparison to some of their stories but there were others here who suffered similar maladies to mine. One thing was understood by everyone here: the pain was just as real! Whether it be melancholy depression, night terrors or anxiety, they were merely symptoms of our pain. Mine is chronic loneliness and it cuts just as deep as any other pain. Like a fatal injury, it strangles the breath of life from a soul and it can be just as deadly.

I was fifteen years old when I first tried to end the pain by taking my own life . . . [to be continued]

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