Tagging on Facebook with #SeaWorld

Tagging on Facebook can be fun, especially when you take advantage of your tagging potential. Let’s say that you want to create one incredible post that mentions something exciting, like Seaworld. Well, nothing says Seaworld like the new Blackfish movie. So why not include the movie trailer in your post and you can even tag The Blackfish too.

First, we will want to tag Seaworld in our post by typing the “@” symbol followed by the letters that make up the word, “Seaworld.” It will look like this: @Seaworld. As shown in the image here, many fantastic options will appear in a drop-down menu as you type in the theme park’s name. Since the Blackfish movie mentions Seaworld Orlando most, let’s go ahead and choose that option.

Seaworld Tagging

You now have the official page for Seaworld Orlando officially tagged in your post. Why stop there? By using the “#” symbol, we can get a couple of hashtags in our post, as well. Throw in the url to the film trailer and we have a custom post that is sure to get people’s attention. Our final update should read:

Get PSYCHED for your next visit to SeaWorld Orlando! Check out Blackfish the Movie, because nothing says ‪#‎Seaworld‬ like ‪#‎Blackfish‬http://youtu.be/pqvAM0tHTAA

Hashtags are really cool! Just as on Twitter, they are merely links that let you see who else is using the same hashtags. Some people follow popular subjects and there are certainly plenty of Seaworld fans out there who may like to see who else is posting about Seaworld. Clicking on a hashtag will reveal the most recent public posts by anyone else using the tags in question. Your Facebook updates can now be broadcast to the public in a whole new way and you can now engage in conversations that transcend the confines of your “friends” circles. Just don’t forget to make your updates “public” or your tagging is utterly pointless and then you just look silly to your friends.

Make your posts something to talk about!

Make your posts something to talk about!