SeaWorld Entertainment and the “Free #Blackfish” Songs

Movie still from "Blackfish"

Movie still from “Blackfish”

After watching the powerful documentary, “Blackfish,” celebrities have been stepping up to tell their fans not to go to a SeaWorld show. Acts who had been scheduled to perform at SeaWorld are cancelling their gigs in lieu of a conscience, including: Willie Nelson, Bare Naked Ladies, Heart, Cheap Trick, Trisha Yearwood and REO Speedwagon.

Millions have seen the provocative film. As Blackfish has just been released for streaming on Netflix, it is obvious that millions more will view it and join the ranks of compassionate souls worldwide. According to TMZ, SeaWorld plans to “book other bands to fill the open slots.” I can imagine that they will be hard-pressed to find an act that hasn’t already seen the documentary and with all the hype surrounding Blackfish, any music artist that may be invited to “fill the slots” will undoubtedly watch the film before appearing on stage.

Surrender (Cheap Trick song)

Surrender (Cheap Trick song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many have cheered with each act that has declined to perform at SeaWorld but I think that the real excitement may be yet to come. I can see it now; Imagine SeaWorld kicking band after band off of their stage because the artists debut their new “Free Blackfish” songs while shouting between all the other songs to watch the film. Now, that’s what I would call entertainment and that is a show I truly wouldn’t want to miss!