#Blackfish: She Wanted to be a Trainer at SeaWorld

Lindsey Kopic had plans to be a marine mammal trainer at SeaWorld. After reading Death At SeaWorld by David Kirby, she changed her mind. Once she viewed Blackfish, her stance against SeaWorld was reaffirmed.

Anti-captivity videos created by regular everyday people are popping up all over the net. Let’s see yours! It doesn’t have to be too fancy. Just tell us how the Blackfish documentary changed the way you see dolphins and killer whales.

Do you have a vlog or video diary where you sit and talk to your audience? Why not simply continue doing what you do but with the Blackfish tag in the background? Be creative! You could play basketball with your friends while the #Blackfish tag looms in the background. You could even do a little yard art like I did in the photo below. [#DASW = Death At SeaWorld] Help make the world-wide web so that no one can surf without being reminded that they should watch the Blackfish film.

#DASW Get the word out any way you can!

#DASW Get the word out any way you can!

Send the link to your video via our Contact Page so that we can check it out. We may even post it right here on CyberWhaleWarrior.com!

For other ways that you can help with the cause, see #Blackfish! What More Can You Do?