SeaWorld Does Not Want You to Watch #Blackfish

Movie still from "Blackfish"

Movie still from “Blackfish”

Bloomberg TV has released a short video entitled, “Documentary on SeaWorld’s Whales Sparks Controversy.” It’s a compilation of images combined with commentary by both the filmmaker, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and SeaWorld spokesperson, Jim Atchison, wherein both parties express their views on the captivity issue. It comes as no surprise that Atchison is given more time than Cowperthwaite to deliver his comments but the real clincher is at the very end when he attempts to dissuade the public from watching the Blackfish movie.

Don’t let SeaWorld tell you what is “worth watching!” You have a mind of your own. If for no other reason, you should watch Blackfish just to see why SeaWorld doesn’t want you to. After which, you are free to do your own research on the subject.