First Documentary Review

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Hello Internet,

Sorry winter quarter is killing me. I know reviewing has been really slow this quarter. This is official the first time I’ve reviewed because I don’t watch a lot of them. This one is really short, so sorry.



Director: GabrielaCowperthwaite

Starring: Tilakum, John Hargrove, Samantha Berg, and Mark Simmons

Rating: PG-13

The Plot: A deeper look at the conditions and treatment of Killer whales at Sea World.

The Review: Ok, so like I said I don’t actually watch a lot of documentaries because I do find them a bit depressing and ever though they are supposed to be completely objective they never are. I especially avoid nature documentaries because they are either incredibly depressing or monotone to the point of being boring. Now this one still fell under the depressing but it wasn’t boring and at least it was really interest but if I didn’t already…

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