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#Blackfish: The Voice of a New Generation


There have been people opposed to dolphins and orcas in captivity ever since SeaWorld abducted its first prisoners from their ocean home. With the release of the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove the… Continue reading

Op-Ed: Former SeaWorld trainers counter SeaWorld’s ad claims (Includes interview and first-hand account)


When SeaWorld refuses to participate in an on-camera interview, they only prove how shady they are. On the other hand, when they make a statement, they put their dirty feet in their mouths.… Continue reading

#Blackfish! What More Can You Do?


The documentary Blackfish is as big a phenomenon as The Cove movie ever was. Being aired on CNN, however, it has been broadcast to a much larger audience and it is taking the world… Continue reading

Why SeaWorld PR is doing *Everything* Wrong with the #BlackFish Scandal | Lauren Gray | Digital + Marketing


Via Digitally Lauren K. Gray   In case you haven’t heard, CNN’s documentary Blackfish uncovers atrocious treatment of the orcas at SeaWorld. I can’t even describe what you’ll see and what was uncovered.… Continue reading

SeaWorld Entertainment and the “Free #Blackfish” Songs


After watching the powerful documentary, “Blackfish,” celebrities have been stepping up to tell their fans not to go to a SeaWorld show. Acts who had been scheduled to perform at SeaWorld are cancelling their… Continue reading

#Blackfish and the #CyberWhaleWarrior Cry


After being offline for a couple of months, I am quite pleased to see the activity in cyberland. The new documentary, Blackfish, has created quite a stir and cyber-activists have taken advantage of… Continue reading

Bands Nix SeaWorld Shows Following CNN Film “Blackfish” – New Day – Blogs


Add Heart to the list of bands that are bowing out of a show at SeaWorld because of the CNN documentary “Blackfish.” “Heart has chosen to decline their forthcoming performance at SeaWorld on 2/9/14 due to the controversial… Continue reading

a Whale’s Wail | Charron’s Chatter


I saw the movie Blackfish the other night, and man it was hard to watch. Tears streamed down my face from the get go–every bit as salty as the sea wherefrom the killer… Continue reading

New Videos: “What Happens To Dolphins In Taiji? Honoring The Victims Of Slaughter and Captivity”


Yesterday, the infamous dolphin abduction and killing season began in Taiji, Japan, and with it, season 4 of Operation Infinite Patience. The following videos were created in honor of Japan Dolphins Day 2013… Continue reading

Tweetstorm for Maui’s #Dolphins


There are an estimated 50 Maui’s dolphins left on this planet and the planet needs to know. It’s time to step up as cyber whale warriors, because your help is needed. Help spread the word… Continue reading

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